Photo Booth for Birthdays!

Who doesn't love a surprise milestone birthday bash? Ste. Chappelle Winery in Caldwell was a fabulous host for Kathy's 60th birthday celebration, and we brought the modern and sleek DSLR Open Air Photo Booth to capture some super fun memories. The setting was perfect for their group, and just the right amount of space for the photo booth to really shine! Look at that sparkly gold sequin backdrop glowing and making the people the stars of the photos! This group not only knew how to throw a party, they were pretty much photo booth experts at photo booth from the start! The photos below are the proof in the pudding!

The Open Air photo booth is great for group photos as you can fit more people in the shot. It also attracts your guests to it with it's classy frame, exterior flash, and of course the people laughing and having a great time taking photos!

Put the phone down; selfies are better with perfect lighting and no weird arm in the picture. Photo Booth Boise has 4 styles of booth to choose from to fit your party perfectly!