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3 Important things to consider to choose the right Photo Booth Rental


The photo booth is open! [/caption

In the beginning, there was only one type of booth to choose from. Big beautiful enclosed booths that gave you the option of black and white or color and printed out 2” x 6” strips. We have watched technology slim things down and add curves, software programs expand to include video and boomerangs, printers that took 2 minutes now only take 10 seconds. Not to mention all bells and whistles of fancy sequin backdrops, greenscreen, and magic. The enclosed booth is a reliable unique experience if you love Vintage Glam, but it is not the only option anymore. We are so excited about all the options to choose from! Let us help you pick out the right booth for your event.

1. Prints or Sharable images?

What kind of experience you offer depends on what your guests will take away? Would you like to give as a favor a physical print that they will cherish and can put on their fridge, use as a bookmark, or take photos of to share on social media? Something tangible that can be passed down through generations. Perhaps you would rather give them the experience of instantly sharing their photos, boomerangs, and GIFs on their social media. The gift of awesome instant gratification. Many weddings choose the physical favor, while corporate events will often choose the sharable images as it is easy to brand the images with their logo for marketing purposes.

2. Stay indoors or get outside?

If it is blazing hot for your event, it is double that for the electronics inside the booth that make all the magic happen – causing the process to slow down. Too cold can cause problems as well. Outdoor events require shade and protection from the elements. Direct sunlight or mottled light on your guests does not make for pretty pictures. We love outdoor events that are we can be prepared for! We would love to chat with you about your event to make sure you get the right book and the perfect placement for your booth to optimize its use.

3. Photo booth placement.

Location is everything. You’ve heard the saying “out of sight, out of mind, yes? Where is the party going to be? We need to be there too. If your guests must look for us, the booth isn’t going to get as much use as it could. The excitement of a photo booth in action is not only entertaining for those in it but those outside too! When your guests walk away with a stack of photos and a smile we feel like it’s a job well done. Uploading the hundreds of photos into your online gallery for social sharing is like the gift that keeps on giving. Need more ideas or information? We are happy to meet you at your venue prior to your event to help you pick up the best spot! (Not under the DJ’s speakers, please)

Anything is possible with the right preparation. The more information you can give us the better ? Ask us about our free consultations! We can’t wait to help make your event picture perfect.